who are these people?

who are we?

We are a venture studio that creates valuable businesses by converging the forces of culture, technology, and impact both in Berlin and Istanbul. We have over 20 years of experience working in the cultural and creative industries in a variety of roles and institutions. With other stakeholders, 3dots is currently co-founder of ventures such as the Bergama Theatre Festival, Bozcaada Jazz Festival, Space Goats, Omnea, Curious Community, and XJAZZ. We have worked on an international level with artists, cultural professionals, institutions, corporations, governmental and non-governmental organizations as passionate cultural entrepreneurs. We started as a project powerhouse in Istanbul, and have since evolved into a venture studio focused on startups built at the intersection of culture, technology, and impact. We are planning to further expand our operations in Berlin, Germany. 

The venture studio model, with its innovative approach to venture building, allows us to specialize in the development of ideas and concepts, process design, consulting services, business and partnership development, and growth management, enabling us to share our expertise in the field with other creative enterprises with impact.

We will support creativity as the human ability to solve problems and spark innovation by channeling entrepreneurial capabilities into cultural and creative industries. Our previous experiences have shown that culture and creativity can be a vital source of impact, and our goal now is to channel the potential of cultural and creative industries into scalable, sustainable, profitable, and value-driven business models that generate social and economic good. We are committed to sharing our start-up ecosystem insights and experience with founders and assisting them in establishing strong partnerships and sustainable resource and revenue streams.

To create a thriving cultural entrepreneurship ecosystem, we aim to cultivate the future of creativity with innovative and responsible founders through our cultural and creative industries oriented fund and a global cultural entrepreneurship accelerator program.

For our accelerator program, we design a tailor-made curriculum that acknowledges that each founder and idea is unique, as are their needs. 

This approach, combined with our diverse founder team and extensive network of industry experts, positions us as the go-to accelerator for founders looking to bring their ideas to life while also making a positive impact on society and the environment. Let’s choose to invest in creativity.